From British photographer rankin, Swag is a new concept in photography collecting.

Celebrating the visual through print and limited edition, swag is here to bring a love for contemporary photography into every home.

Founded in 2021, SWAG showcases both archival and new works from the prolific photographer, alongside highlighting projects with collaborators and creatives who make up the wider Rankin studio family.

A space for fashion, art, beauty, nude, floral, and portrait photography, the ethos behind SWAG is that everyone can and should be able to access photography. Breaking down the boundaries of the traditional art world, this isn't a stuffy white cube, we're all part of the wider photographic family.

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Rankin is a British photographer, publisher, and film director. 

As a photographer Rankin's portfolio ranges from portraiture to documentary. He has shot The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner and The Queen to name only a few.

He is best known for work that is on the cultural cusp and leading future trends: producing rule-breaking campaigns for brands such as Rolls Royce, Unilever, L’Oreal and Samsonite; creating wide reaching projects for charities including Women’s Aid and Macmillan; and shooting music videos for the likes of Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora and Kelis.

As a publisher, Rankin co-founded the seminal magazine Dazed & Confused with Jefferson Hack in 1991, and has since published the likes of AnOther and AnOther Man, alongside over 40 books and the biannual fashion and culture print and digital platform, Hunger. 

His photography has been published everywhere from his own publications to Elle, Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Rolling Stone, and Wonderland, and exhibited in galleries globally, including MoMA, New York, and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. 

Rankin lives in London with his wife Tuuli and their dogs.

Rankin: From Portraiture To Fashion, 29 Arts In Progress Gallery, Milan (2019)

Naked, Kunsthuis Amsterdam (2017)

Rankin, Camera Work Contemporary Gallery, Berlin (2017)

Light Up the Room, Southbank Center, London (2016)

Bling Bling Baby, NRW Forum, Dusseldorf (2016)

Outside In, Camparu Fashion Avenue, Milan (2016)

Less is More, Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany (2015)

Bond, National Portrait Gallery, London (2015)

It’s Glam Up North, Museum of Liverpool (2015)

Bjork, Museum of Modern Art, New York (2015)

Alive in the Face of Death, Walker Gallery, Liverpool (2014)

Selling Dreams, Victoria & Albert Museum, London (2014)

Show Off, NRW Forum, Dusseldorf (2012)

Visually Hungry, Wuhan Art Museum, China (2012)

Contains Nudity, Other Criteria, London (2012)

OPEN, Milk, New York (2011)

A Positive View, Somerset House, London (2010)

Retrospective & Rankin Live, Truman Brewery, London (2009)

Destroy, Phillips De Pury & Company, London (2009)

Visually Hungry, Poeba Gallery, Moscow (2008)

Dazed & Confused vs. Warhol, Baltic, Gateshead (2007)

Golden Jubilee Portfolio, National Portrait Gallery, London (2002)

Imperfect Beauty, Victoria & Albert Museum, London (2001)

Dead Fashionable, Barbican, London (1997)

Hello Sexy & Welcome (1995)

Rankin Photographs (1998)

Rankin Female Nudes (1999)

Rankinworks (2000)

Snog (2000)

Celebration (2000)

Rankin Male Nudes (2001)

Sofasexy: Turning a Cheap Sofa into an Object of Desire (2002)

Breeding: A Study of Sexual Ambiguity (2004)

Rankin / Bailey (2003)

Rankin's Portraits (2004)

Fashion Stories (2004)

Surface Seduction (2005)

The Hard Sell (2005)

Breast Friends (2006)

Tuulitastic (2006)

Beautyfull (2007)

Dazed & Confused (2011)

Visually Hungry (2007)

Sold Out (2009)

Ranked (2009)

Surface Attraction (2009)

Rankin's Cheeky (2009)

Heidilicious (2009)

Destroy (2009)

A Photographic Essay of the Macallan Estate (2009)

Alex Box (2009)

Oxfam - We are Congo (2010)

Rankin Jozi (2010)

Rankin Portraits (2010)

Painting Pretty Pictures (2010)

Couture In The 21st Century (2010)

Rankin Live Women (2010)

Ten Times Rosie (2010)

Open Exhibition Catalogue (2011)

Myths, Monsters & Legends (2011)

Dazed & Confused Making It Up As We Go Along (2011)

Ayami Nishimura by Rankin (2012)

Rankin Portraits (2012)

Alive: In the Face of Death (2014)

F*CK Y*U (2014)

Andrew Gallimore (2014)

Blood, Sweat & Bond (2015)

For Queen and Country (2016)

Hunger The Book (2016)

#NSFW (2016)

Heidi Klum By Rankin (2017)

Unfashionable (2019)

Creative Influence (2019)

Marco x Rankin (2019)

Let's Reset (2019)

Embrace (2020)

Rankin's 2020 (2020)

Play (2020)